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The market potential of the motorcycle sprocket industry is inestimable, creating excellent opportunities

China has stepped into the ranks of major sprocket producers in the world, but from the perspective of overall strength and development level, China’s per capita annual output of motorcycle sprockets is only about 1/5 of the internationally developed countries, and most motorcycle sprockets are still internationally Without surpassing the C-level level, the international market share of Chinese chains is only about 4.5%, so China is still far from entering the ranks of the world’s sprocket powers. Therefore, it is the main direction of the development of China’s sprocket industry to move from a sprocket-producing country to a sprocket power in the world and take a new industrialization path with its own characteristics.

Although the international market is affected by uncertain factors and unpredictable, with the continuous development and innovation of industrial automation in the world, the demand for sprocket products will be greater and greater. Especially sprockets are labor-intensive products. It adopts the world procurement method or shifts to production in developing countries, and the sprocket is a traditional Chinese product. It still has a certain competitive advantage over other developing countries, which brings new opportunities and development space for China’s sprocket to further expand exports. At present, the sprocket market is divided into three grades: low, medium and high, showing the basic trend of “low grade has demand, medium grade has sweetness, and high grade has hope”. However, the Chinese sprocket has not yet entered the threshold of the high grade market.

The development of the sprocket industry has a long history, and the current development prospects are also very broad. From the overall development of the sprocket industry, the standard sprocket will gradually shrink and the market demand will gradually decline; non-standard sprocket The demand for products and the market share of the entire sprocket will rise significantly. It should be said that non-standard sprockets are a development direction of the entire sprocket product. Its market potential is great and it has broad development prospects. At the same time, because the synchronous belt pulley has both the advantages of the belt wheel transmission and the characteristics of the sprocket transmission, the market share of the synchronous belt pulley in the entire chain transmission product will be greatly increased, and its development prospects will also be very optimistic. The market potential will be inestimable.

Non-standard sprockets and synchronous belt wheels represent the future development direction and general development trend in the entire series of sprocket and other transmission parts products. Their market potential is quite large and has very broad development prospects. The sprocket is widely used in the mechanical transmission of chemical, textile machinery, food processing, instrumentation, petroleum and other industries. The processing method of the sprocket is quenching and the surface is blackened. When the speed ratio is low, using a high-tooth number sprocket can greatly reduce the amount of rotation of the i link, the tensile load of the chain and the load of the bearing. Cast iron sprockets are mainly used in sprockets with low precision requirements or complex shapes, such as the manufacture of ring sprockets. Therefore, the sprocket industry has broad prospects in terms of development and application.

Post time: Jul-07-2020